Feedback form

Dear Students,

This form has been designed to seek feedback from you to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning environment, to provide best possible facilities and modern infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.

01 Class Rooms Yes No
a) Are class rooms specious and ventilated ? Yes No
b) Is sitting arrangement comfortable? Yes No
02 Library
a) Does the library contain the prescribed books in the syllabi? Yes No
b) Is internet facility available in the library? Yes No
c) Is the book issue return system student friendly? Yes No
d) Is reading room specious? Yes No
e) Are new books displayed in the library? Yes No
f) Is information related to reference given to you? Yes No
g) Does library dept. conduct any training programs for the users? Yes No
h) Does the library have the collection of competitive books? Yes No
i) Do you get opportunities to read journals, periodicals & Newspapers? Yes No
j) Do you get Wi-Fi and Internet Facility in the college? Yes No
03 Sports & Extra Curricular Activities
a) Is play ground available ? Yes No
b) Are sports equipments sufficient? Yes No
c) Are sports equipments sufficient ? Yes No
d) Does college organize annual social gathering ? Yes No
e) Does the college organize co-curriculum activities from time-to-time? Yes No
f) Are the students encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate competition? Yes No
g) Does the Career Guidance and Counseling Cell Help you time to time? Yes No
h) Does the college organize competitive classes ? Yes No
i) Does the Career Guidance and Counseling Cell invite Resource Persons to develop your soft skills? Yes No
04 College Environment
a) Is girls' common room available? Yes No
b) Are wash rooms regularly cleaned? Yes No
c) Is safe drinking water facility available? Yes No
d) Is the Administrative staff in the college cooperative and helpful? Yes No
e) Does the Grievance Redressal Cell resolve your problem? Yes No
05 Teaching
a) Are the classes conducted regularly? Yes No
b) Is the prescribed syllabus completed in time? Yes No
c) Do the teachers use teaching aids other than chalk and talk? Yes No
d) Do the teachers encourage active participation and discussion by the students? Yes No
e) Are the teachers available and accessible after the lectures? Yes No
f) Is the evaluation process fair and unbiased? Yes No
g) Are Periodically assessments conducted? Yes No
h) Is the attitude of the teachers friendly and helpful? Yes No
i) Is the communication between the teachers and students healthy? Yes No
j) Do the teachers provide resource materials? Yes No
k) Do the teacher s make the lectures interesting and engrossing? Yes No
l) Do the teachers create desire and curiosity in your process of learning? Yes No
m) Do the teachers organize educational tours and visits to give firsthand knowledge? Yes No