Curricular Aspects

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1 criteria 1.3.2 Percentage of students undertaking project workfield work internships (Data for the latest completed academic year) View Link   
2 1.1.1 The Institution ensures effective curriculum planning and delivery through a well-planned and documented process including Academic calendar and conduct of continuous internal Assessment View Link   
3 1.2.1 Attendance View Link   
4 1.2.1 List Of certificate, Notice, brochure View Link   
5 1.2.1 Certificate, Question Paper, Feedback Form View Link   

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

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1 Number of seats filled year wise during last five years (Only first year admissions to be considered) View Link   
2 Number of sanctioned seats year wise during last five years View Link   
3 Number of actual students admitted from the reserved categories year wise during last five years (Exclusive of supernumerary seats) View Link   
4 Number of sanctioned posts year wise during the last five years View Link   
5 2.5.1: Mechanism of internal/ external assessment is transparent and the grievance redressal system is time- bound and efficient View Link   
6 Number of final year students who passed the university examination year wise during the last five years View Link   
7 report of controller of Examinations(COE) highlighting the pass percentage of final year students View Link   

Research-Evaluation and Extended

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1 3.3.1 Link to the uploaded papers View Link   
2 3.3.2 Copy of the Cover page, content page Books chapter View Link   
3 3.4.1 Outcomes of Extension activities View Link   
4 3.4.3 (A) Photographs and any other supporting document View Link   
5 3.2.2 Number of workshop & Seminar View Link   
6 3.4.2 Awards and recognitions received for extension activities View Link   
7 3.4.3 (B) Detailed report for each extension and outreach program View Link   
8 3.5.1 Summary of MoU View Link   
9 3.5.1 MoU Activity Proof View Link   
10 3.5.1 Copy of MoU View Link   
11 3.2.1 Activity under IIC Cell View Link   
12 3.5.1 Template View Link   

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

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1 Extracts stock register highlighting View Link   

Student Support and Progression

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1 Offer letter 2022-23 View Link   
2 Offer Letter 2021-22 View Link   
3 Offer Letter 2020-21 View Link   
4 Offer Letter 2019-20 View Link   
5 Offer Letter 2018-19 View Link   
6 5.3.2 Sports, Cultural and Competation Event View Link   
7 5.1.3 for competitive examinations and career Counselling View Link   
9 5.1.1 Student Support 2018-19 View Link   
10 5.1.1 Student Support 2019-20 View Link   
11 5.1.1 Student Support 2020-21 View Link   
12 5.1.1 Student Support 2021-22 View Link   
13 5.1.1 Student Support 2022-23 View Link   

Governance, Leadership and Management

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1 6.5.1 -IQAC mettings View Link   
2 6.5.2-NIRF View Link   
3 6.5.2-ALL AUDIT CERTIFICATE View Link   
4 6.5.2-AAA View Link   
5 6.3.3-FDP,CONFERENCE View Link   
6 REPORT View Link   
7 View Link   
8 COURSE View Link   

Institutional Values and Best Practices

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1 7.1.1 gender equity View Link   
2 7.1.2 GCP View Link   
4 7.1.2 - facilities and initiatives View Link   
5 7.1.3 - all audits reports View Link   
6 7.1.3- energy and environment initiatives View Link   
7 7.1.4- institute efforts for inclusive environment-day celebration View Link   
8 7.1.3- all audit certificates View Link   
9 7.1.1 View Link   
10 7.1.2 View Link   
11 7.1.3 View Link   
12 7.1.4 View Link